If you are interested in collaborating with us please send an email to Raymond Cuijpers.
The KSERA project partners seek cooperation with related projects. Currently we collaborate with four projects eHOME, RoboEarth, Florence and Robo M.D.
The Austrian project eHOME will develop an assistive home environment for elderly persons, covering fall recognition and prevention, activity monitoring and social integration of elderly persons and their carers. The KSERA intelligent home environment will include expertise from the eHOME project such as wearable and distributed approaches for fall prevention and recognition.

The EU funded FP7 project RoboEarth will develop a World Wide Web for robots including nurse-bots and socially assistive robots (SAR). The robots use the World Wide Web to store and retrieve learned tasks and actions. This enables robots to learn form each other and apply it in their own setting. KSERA and RoboEarth partners share their knowledge and investigate how the KSERA project can contribute to the World Wide Web for robot assistants for the aging population.
Florence is a sister project in the EU's FP7 objective ICT-2009.7.1. ICT & Aging: service robotics for aging well. The Florence project with its multipupurpose mobile robot platform will pioneer the use of robots in delivering new kinds of AAL services to elderly persons and their caretakers. The main objective of Florence is to make this concept acceptable for the users and cost effective for the society and care givers.
In the INTERREG-IVC project ROBO M.D. develop a home care robot which monitors and detects critical situations which need prompt medical attention for older persons or people with cardiovascular diseases.